Bag cleaning will keep your new bag looking good for years


Nothing beats the excitement of purchasing a new luxury or designer bag. However, this enjoyment might be short-lived if your bag suffers an accident or mishap, which results in damage. As every good doctor knows, the best cure is prevention, so use these helpful tips to keep your bag in tip-top condition!


1. Regular cleaning

Keep your new bag looking good for years to come by investing in regular cleaning. Getting your bag cleaned periodically will prevent the build-up of debris and prevent leather or suede from succumbing to fading. Not only will this keep your bag looking pristine, but it will also help to prevent future damage by protecting your bag from some of the most common causes of damage.


2. Keep leaks at bay

Keep potential devastation at bay by not keeping anything that could leak in your bag. Good candidates for staining and damaging bags include pens, foundation, drink bottles, deodorant, perfume and hand lotion. But, if you can’t leave your house without your favourite fountain pen or perfume atomiser, then invest in a leak-proof cosmetic pouch which will protect your bag from leakages.


3. Seek damage control

If the worst comes to the worst – don’t panic! Just take your luxury handbag to a specialist in bag repair, and they will have your bag back on its feet in no time! Sometimes accidents happen, and when they do, it can be tempting to try and fix it yourself. But attempting to clean a stain or repair a broken zip yourself may end up causing more damage to the bag and your wallet. So, if you want to continue enjoying your bag for years to come, then investing in professional designer bag repair at Bag Spa is your best option.