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Accessorise your handbag

How do you accessorise a handbag?

We all have designer handbags that we absolutely adore. But how do we refresh the way they look to stop them seeming stale? You can go with a complete handbag restoration or look into more fun accessorization options. Your bag is an investment; treat it as you would a beloved friend and make it feel […]

Three reasons why designer bag restoration is better than buying a new bag

When something happens to one of your favourite items, whether it’s your much-loved comfy jumper, your go-to morning coffee mug or your most glitzy pair of shoes, it can be heartbreaking to have to throw them out. But when it comes to your beloved designer handbag, the cost is more than just a sentimental one. […]

Taking care of your designer handbag with bag restoration

With Autumn readily approaching it is more important than ever to keep your bag in tip-top condition. After all, our handbags are our dependable companions and emotional reinforcements, even when we feel, and maybe look, far from our best we can depend on our trusty handbags to look the part. We are happy to pay […]

The financial benefits of designer bag restoration

The financial benefits of designer bag restoration

Purchasing a designer bag can seem like a waste of money when there are so many cheaper options out there, but with handbag restoration services, you could see yourself saving a huge amount of money. Resale value One of the first things you should consider when purchasing a designer bag is what its resale value […]

Hermès ‘Birkin’ (R)

The most iconic designer bags

Over the past 100 years, designer bags have come in all kinds of shapes and styles, but only a few can have the illustrious label of being an ‘It’ bag. Luxury brands all over the world have released a number of bags that have stood the test of time and are a staple in high-end […]

Give that designer bag a new lease of life with bag dyeing

We pride ourselves in being able to offer handbag restoration to even the most damaged of items, helping to breathe a new lease of life into those bags that need it the most. Sometimes bag restoration, handbag cleaning, and designer bag repair aren’t the only ways to make your favourite bag look better than ever […]

Designer bag repair ahead of Spring

Designer bag repair ahead of Spring

It finally feels as though winter is beginning to slow down, and we can finally start to think about spring fashion. With that, you might want to consider how to spruce up your favourite accessory with handbag cleaning or handbag repair, so your precious designer item is all ready in time for the new season. […]

Make the most of your investment pieces with luxury bag cleaning

Handbags are a luxury investment that should stay with you for years, and can even be handed down to the next generation. Once you’ve found a favourite there are some helpful options you can consider for saving it from any signs of wear and tear. Taking care of your favourites It doesn’t have to be […]

Four reasons why bag restoration makes sense

A designer handbag is made to last, but accidents happen no matter how much care you take. When they do, it’s easy to think that there’s no fixing damage to an item like this, and it’s just better to buy a new one. But that isn’t always the case, which is where BagSpa comes in. […]

Tips for taking care of your designer bags

If you have a designer handbag, it’s likely you’ll want to preserve it in the state of perfection for as long as possible. After all, if it cost a lot, you want it to be worth the money! Here we round up all the best tips and advice for looking after your designer handbag, and […]

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