organised handbag

As attractive and fundamental as handbags can be, they can easily turn into an endless pit of receipts, loose change, lipsticks and paper waste, ultimately defying the purpose of what a handbag is suppose to be. Instead of feeling organised and together, we end up feeling out of sorts and untidy. There is a fine […]

woman holding designer bag

No matter what is happening in the world, you can always rely on one thing – with every new season means the arrival of new handbag trends. Often fashion-forward and unique, designer handbags are still an influential part of fashion culture, as much as they were when they first propelled to cult status in the post-war economic […]

Protect designer handbag

Elegant, fashionable, and functional, but most of all your designer handbag is a beautiful extension of who you are. Protected and cared for properly, your bag can not only last a lifetime, but become a future investment too. At BagSpa we specialise in handbag restoration, bag cleaning and repair, but there are plenty of ways […]

Accessorise your handbag

We all have designer handbags that we absolutely adore. But how do we refresh the way they look to stop them seeming stale? You can go with a complete handbag restoration or look into more fun accessorization options. Your bag is an investment; treat it as you would a beloved friend and make it feel […]

Hermès ‘Birkin’ (R)

Over the past 100 years, designer bags have come in all kinds of shapes and styles, but only a few can have the illustrious label of being an ‘It’ bag. Luxury brands all over the world have released a number of bags that have stood the test of time and are a staple in high-end […]