Designer bag repair ahead of Spring

It finally feels as though winter is beginning to slow down, and we can finally start to think about spring fashion.


With that, you might want to consider how to spruce up your favourite accessory with handbag cleaning or handbag repair, so your precious designer item is all ready in time for the new season.


Lining repair

As you’d expect from wear and tear, bag restoration sometimes means looking at lining repair.

Our handbags hold a lot of everyday items, including make-up, which sometimes leaks or leaves marks, and sharp items such as keys and laptops. Handbag restoration sometimes requires lining repair to make it look as good as new.


Inside cleaning

One of the most important aspects of designer bag restoration is inside cleaning. It’s not all just about looking good on the outside, what’s on the inside counts, too!


We can safely say you’ll struggle to find another bag cleaning London establishment which offers the same quality and detail as we do with ours.


Scratches repair

When you’ve invested in such a high-quality piece, scratches can be a real nightmare. That’s why we offer the best services in getting rid of any unwanted scratches when it comes to leather bag repair and designer bag repair. Removal of scratches can make your bag look brand new in a matter of hours.


Stain removal

Make-up, drinks, and many other things can cause your designer bag to gather unwanted stains. Luxury bag repair doesn’t just mean removing marks and scratches, it also means getting rid of those pesky stains, both inside and out.


Interested in a bag cleaning service which stands out from all the others? We pride ourselves in being experts in Mulberry bag repair, Gucci bag repair, and Chanel handbag repair, so just get in touch and we’d be happy to help out.


Alongside the standard leather bag repair, we also offer services including bag dyeing, too.