Designer bag restoration just in time for summer

Bag Restoration: getting ready for summer

You’ve probably never considered it before, but just because your old designer bags are past their best, it doesn’t mean they can’t look beautiful once again.

There are many ways you can have your bags restored so that they can be enjoyed. Designer bag repair is an expert service supplied by professionals like BAGSPA London, who have restored countless luxury bags for happy customers.

And just in time for summer, here are some tips and ideas to give you the inspiration you need to get your bags out and sent to us for a makeover.

Change up the colour

If you no longer like the colour of your bag, or you want to try out a new shade to match a particular item of clothing you want to wear this summer, designer bag restoration could give your luxury bag a new lease of life.

Get it patched up

Don’t go throwing out your bag because it has a few signs of wear or tear – or even damage – as leather bag repair could totally transform it. Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton that’s past its best or a rare vintage Gucci bag repair that’s required, you can have a whole new bag once again.

Get a bespoke design or personalisation

Monogramming is really fashionable at the moment, as are animal prints. A lot of celebrities have been spotted with personalised bags, so this is a hot look right now.

You can have a bespoke design or personalisation done as part of your handbag restoration. No matter your idea, just let your imagination go wild. We’ll bring your idea to life and then post your bag back to you!

Get a professional clean

You might not think that a simple clean will cut it, but once you see a luxury bag restored to its initial condition, you will be amazed. Bag cleaning can totally makeover a designer handbag and help you fall in love with it all over again. Check out our services at