Four reasons why bag restoration makes sense


A designer handbag is made to last, but accidents happen no matter how much care you take. When they do, it’s easy to think that there’s no fixing damage to an item like this, and it’s just better to buy a new one. But that isn’t always the case, which is where BagSpa comes in. We offer designer bag restoration, handbag repair and bag cleaning from our London store, but our services are available to customers nationwide. We specialise in Chanel, Gucci and Mulberry bag repair, and many other brands too.


So what makes restoration, instead of replacement, such a great idea? Here are four reasons.



We don’t believe in throwing stuff away when we can make it good as new. With our luxury bag repair service, you can fix instead of replacing damaged items, and avoid unnecessary waste.



Designer bag repairs are what we do, be it replacing a broken zipper, a cleaning job, or more serious damage. With prices from as little as £39, our leather bag repair and handbag restoration services ensure that you can keep wearing your favourite designer products without breaking the bank.



Designer bags are made by people who believe in doing an excellent job with flair and attention to detail, and they offer great value. Our leather bag repair experts make sure you get that value by applying the same care, expertise and attention to restoring your bag so that it lasts longer.


Change of style

Of course, sometimes you want to buy a new bag because you want a new look, but BagSpa can help there too. In addition to our bag restoration and bag cleaning services, BagSpa also offers bag dyeing and customisation to give your bag a fresh new look, or personalise it so that it’s unmistakably yours and yours alone.