Handbag Restoration – don’t throw, repair!


It’s common knowledge that we often chuck away items at the first sign of breakage. Perhaps the threading has come loose on your cozy winter jumper, a gem has fallen off your favourite embellished headband, or your “going out” high heels are starting to wear out, and, the truth is, we have become a throwaway society. Not only does this have a serious impact on our financial outgoings, but discarded clothing is estimated to cause a truckload of textile waste every second around the globe.
A designer handbag is often bought with the dream that it will become a loyal companion throughout the years. When something breaks, or stops working, you don’t stop loving it, and deciding whether to throw it out or not can seem like a difficult decision to make. Unfortunately, there is no clear expiration date, and it all depends on a variety of factors; the quality of the bag itself, how often you use it, and how well you take care of it. It’s important to remember that a designer bag is an investment, so treat it like one – even when the going gets rough.

Leather handbag repair is possible

One of the most popular questions when it comes to handbag restoration is whether leather bags can truly be brought back to their original form. Believe it or not, leather handbags can be usable for decades after purchase if treated properly and cared for dearly. Repairing damages as soon as they appear, and cleaning the bag regularly if it gets dirty are both excellent ways to ensure your pride and joy sticks with you for years to come.

Easy restoration with bag dyeing

If you’re seeking out a handbag restoration company, you’re most likely not under any allusion that your timeless designer bag is immune to scratches, marks, and stains. If a fresh new look is what you’re after, bag dyeing may just do the trick. Whether you want to transform it to a darker colour, or simply re-dye it the same shade to give it a refresh, our professional bag dyeing services are here to help.

Protecting your designer bag for longer use

Specialising in handbag restoration, bag cleaning, and bag dyeing, we are able to give your prized possession a new lease of life. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the necessary steps to care for your bag on a regular basis. There are a few simple adjustments you can make to your daily ritual to maintain the pristine quality of your designer item, including stuffing to maintain the shape, using a simple clutch for make-up and liquids to avoid spillage and subsequent staining, and storing your bags on a shelf as to not strain the handles from hanging or collecting dust. As part of our handbag restoration services, we also offer protection and ozonisation – which safeguards against odur, fungus and bacteria – from £19.

At BagSpa, we appreciate that your designer handbag is not some materialistic accessory. We understand that it becomes your signature staple, and it can also go as far as having an impact on your confidence. We offer a variety of services for any damages that may occur to your beloved piece, and we can expertly repair, clean, and restore your bag back to its original (new) state.

No matter what repair or restoration is required, don’t act hastily and chuck it. Get in touch with our team of experts at BagSpa and we can help your luxury bag look its very best.