Hermès bag repair and restoration

Hermès bag repair


An iconic bag, like a Hermès, will be cherished and collectable for many years, even for generations. The unique craftsmanship that goes into the creation of a Hermès bag can be maintained with expert Hermès bag restoration. Whatever your designer handbag of choice, luxury bag repair will bring it to life again.

From cleaning to dyeing


A spa treatment for your Hermès will include bag cleaning and designer bag dyeing, with special attention given to brand quality and individuality. Caring for your designer bag will keep it looking as new as when you first had the pleasure of buying it or receiving your luxury bag as a gift. Visible signs of wear such as scratches and stains can be removed, and the process includes a thorough refresh of the inside in addition to attention to the straps and zips. With this extra special nurturing your Hermès bag will feel as well as look good.


Perfectly crafted, well-made leather bags need never be discarded due to damage. Small and routine repairs, such as a strap, lining or piping repair, zipper replacement and any specialist stitching is reasonably priced. A full restoration of a much loved Hermes bag, or similar, is an investment that costs a fraction of the price of a new bag. The quality of the leather and the workmanship, with the aid of skilled and experienced restoration technicians, will ensure your luxury leather bag matures beautifully.

Always choose a professional repair service

For the best professional repair and cleaning for a premium quality bag, it’s important to choose a restorer with expertise and experience who is qualified to replicate the methods used by Hermès and other designer brands, and able to custom design and personalise if required. If you are looking for bag cleaning in London, choose Bag Spa. You owe it to your favourite handbag to leave it with a technician who will be using the most appropriate cleaning methods and dyes.


Wherever you are based, we encourage you to send us a photo to evaluate it, followed by your Hermès, or any other adored, perhaps vintage, luxury bag.