How can I protect my designer handbag?

Elegant, fashionable, and functional, but most of all your designer handbag is a beautiful extension of who you are. Protected and cared for properly, your bag can not only last a lifetime, but become a future investment too.


At BagSpa we specialise in handbag restoration, bag cleaning and repair, but there are plenty of ways that you can help to protect and care for your bag at home.


Protecting your bag from distortion and sagging

Over time you may notice your bag begins to lose its shape, sag, or even slouch. You can prevent the structure of your designer bag distorting by avoiding the following:


Sadly it is true that daily use can cause your beloved bag to sag, but this can be prevented by rotating through your bags, allowing them rest days.


Carrying heavy bulky items should always be avoided. Weighty contents can cause your bag to “bottom out,” leaving it distorted and poorly shaped.


Poor storage
Whenever your bag is not in use it should be stored away properly. Bags squashed or slouched in cupboards will, over time, start to lose their original shape. Straps of bags suspended from hooks can begin to stretch, this will make them susceptible to tearing in the future.


To store with care always fill, or stuff, your bag to prevent it from slouching. Keep it in its original dust cover, and place it in a dry environment with plenty of space to breathe.


If you do notice your bag showing signs of distortion there’s no need to panic, we’re always here to help. Working with top industry technicians our restoration services include,


  • professional bag restoration
  • strap repairs
  • shape restoration


Protection from stains, scuffs, and tears

While your bag may be meant for carrying things, certain items should always be carried with caution. Bottled water, make up, and pens can all cause severe staining to your bag both inside and out. Any item that has the potential to leak or melt should always, always, be kept in a protective pouch. The same applies to sharp or pointy items that can easily tear your bags lining.

Be thoughtful where you place your bag, avoid sinks, office desks, even restaurant tables, there are so many objects that can cause accidental stains. Even rough surfaces can scuff or scratch the exterior of your designer bag, especially its metal buckles.

At BagSpa we are well aware that accidents can happen. You can rest assured that no matter how daunting any damage to your designer bag may seem, we can carefully restore your bag for you. Our expert repair services include,

  • professional stain removal
  • scratch repair
  • external and inside bag cleaning
  • zip repair
  • Lining, edgings, and piping repair

Protecting your bag from the elements

It’s not just a rainy day that can stain and spoil your bag, sunlight can fade its colour, and humidity and fog will dampen the leather or suede. Ensuring your bag is completely dry before storing it safely away will prevent staining and fungus growth.


Surprisingly even the natural oil from your hands can damage the exterior of your designer bag. Applying a protective coating, suitable for your bag’s type, provides an excellent barrier of stain protection.


Preserving your designer bag’s brand-new look requires care and attention. We offer a variety of services to not only help you protect your bag, but should any damage occur, we can expertly repair, clean, and restore your bag back to new.


Whatever your bag needs contact us today, and organise a BagSpa treat for your beloved designer bag.