How do you accessorise a handbag?

We all have designer handbags that we absolutely adore. But how do we refresh the way they look to stop them seeming stale? You can go with a complete handbag restoration or look into more fun accessorization options. Your bag is an investment; treat it as you would a beloved friend and make it feel even more special…

There are many ways to accessorise handbags, giving them a shot of something snazzy and new. Here are seven of the best trends that we recommend.


1) Charms
After a bag cleaning, a shiny new charm can be the next best thing to add some pizzazz. It can also personalise your look if you add your initials or a special date — even something that’s especially sentimental to you and your beau. Go as wild as you like: charms are easy to exchange and can match your passing whims and fancies.


2) Hangtags
Many designer handbags come with their leather identifiers that prove authenticity — but modern fashionistas love the flexibility of add-on hang tags (which have the extra benefit of keeping the originals box-new if you decide to return excess bags down the line).


3) Scarf
If you’re a class act, you likely have a few silk scarves you already use to accessorise your outfits. Why not add that hint of French chic to your bag? So versatile — and you can make your scarf-game pop with any number of designs and monograms. If you don’t want to risk your best silk scarves you can also get a similar but more subtle look with pretty ribbons — or get funky with some Japanese washi tape that’s folded back on itself to create cool shapes.


4) Stickers
If you have little ones running around, you may already have had to invest in some handbag restoration after their sticky hands abused your prized possessions. But the stickers we’re talking about here are high-end designer looks — think Anya Hindmarch and her iconic pop designs. You can go animal-themed, cutesy or more current with slogans and hashtags.


5) Feet
Many designer handbags already have some metal feet which protect them from scuffs and annoying dirt. If it’s a bit late for yours, invest in some bag cleaning with us and don’t forget to add some metal feet before you return the bag to work. It will thank you for the extra care.


6) Keyrings
These are both functional and elegant for adding some zhuzz to your handbag. You can go with the classic leather-tasselled design or something more retro, like a cool feather key-ring. If you’re really dressing up your designer handbag, consider a keychain that hooks between the handles to look like a necklace. Speaking of jewellery…


7) Antique clip-ons
A clip-on brooch or earrings that you’ve hunted out at a vintage fair can truly give your designer handbag a unique look. Hair-clips with faux pearls or silk flowers can also be added to your designer bags. If you’re bold and don’t mind pinning through the fabric you will, of course, have more options with jewellery as pin-through designs are more common, especially with earrings. And if anything goes amiss, don’t forget we offer luxury bag repair!


It’s worth mentioning that you can also give your bag a whole new look by dyeing it a different colour — or even re-dyeing it the same colour to give it a bit of a refresh.


If this appeals to you, or you’re after luxury bag repair and further ideas on handbag restoration please browse our site or Contact Us today.