How to keep your leather designer bag in prime condition

Leather Handbag Repair: Taking care of your designer bag


Designer bags can be a worthwhile investment, as pieces by many well-known brands, such as Prada, Gucci and Mulberry, will rise in value and become very sought after on the collectors’ market. Regardless of whether you have purchased a luxury, high-end bag as an investment or as a bag you want to use and keep for yourself, it is important to ensure you maintain it well and, when required, take it to an expert in designer bag repairs to keep it in top condition. This is especially important for leather and suede bags, so below we have listed some tips on looking after them.


Expert care guidelines: leather and suede designer bags


Investing in a couple of brushes specifically designed for cleaning suede, nubuck and textured leather surfaces and a collection of cleaning creams, along with a few soft cloths, will help you to clean your handbag effectively and without causing any damage.


Don’t forget to apply a good quality leather protector cream or suede-protection spray before you ever take your bag outside. Reapply every time your bag gets wet and leave it to dry away from direct heat.


To clean away surface marks on embossed leather, suede and nubuck, it is advisable to gently brush the surface to remove any dirt. You can then use a soft cloth with an appropriate leather cleaner and then leave the bag to dry naturally away from direct heat and sunlight before packing it away.


Professional bag cleaning


For stubborn stain removal, expert knowledge is required to ensure the value of a designer bag is retained. Discolouration or damage caused when the incorrect cleaning methods are applied can be irreversible and could impact the desirability of a collectable bag, reducing the value significantly.


If you have extensive dirt or staining, you may be told that it is not possible to remove certain types of stains and marks in order to restore your bag to its original condition. This is where Bagspa can help – as experts in handbag restoration, we are often able to provide luxury bag and designer bag cleaning, including removal of difficult stains, even when other companies won’t. To find out more, get in touch today.