How to organise your handbag

As attractive and fundamental as handbags can be, they can easily turn into an endless pit of receipts, loose change, lipsticks and paper waste, ultimately defying the purpose of what a handbag is suppose to be. Instead of feeling organised and together, we end up feeling out of sorts and untidy. There is a fine line between carrying around the essentials and everything-we-could-ever-possibly-need for every life circumstance.Simply put: overstuffed, messy handbags are never a good idea.


Moreover, reducing your handbag load isn’t just a good idea from an organisational point of view, but also for your overall physical health. All of that excess weight can cause a multitude of strains on your body, including back pain, neck strain, poor posture, and pinched nerves. All of this sounding very familiar? We thought so. The time for change is now, so let’s run through the steps that our experts here at BagSpa want you to follow in order to systemise your accessory and be organised maestro.


Empty it all out

The first step is to completely empty your bag, unzipping every compartment and all. It’s important to not just chuck your belongings about when you remove them, so remember to create little piles in order to group similar items together – cards, money, makeup, pens, and so on.


Clean, clean, clean!

If it’s been a while since you last cleaned your purse, it may be time to get those wet wipes out. It is important to follow the correct steps in order to take care of your designer handbag to ensure it does not fall under any further despair as this may cause irreparable damage or create an even bigger mess! If you’ve attempted all you can, then it may be time to call in the experts. Specialising in handbag restoration, bag cleaning, and bag dyeing, we can help restore your treasured possession to its original, tip top condition.


Only keep what you use

Now that you have an empty and restored handbag, it’s time to organise your contents. After all, if everything has a home, then you will know exactly where to reach when you are trying to find something. Be ruthless with any random, pointless objects you carry around.


To give you a better idea of what to keep, here’s a list of items that are commonly found in organised handbags:


  • Mobile phone
  • Pen and a small, portable notebook
  • Purse stored with cards and a spare couple of £1 coins
  • Key chain with useful keys (for example, your car or home)
  • Make-up bag with an everyday lipstick, mascara, concealer, and powder
  • Medical, feminine products
  • A book you’re currently using


Storage will be your new best friend


Luckily most handbags come with a few built-in pockets, but, if need be, don’t be worried to invest in storage organisers. Zippered pouches can help avoid unnecessary spills and offer useful distinctions between your categories goods. If using this solution, try choosing a few different zipped bags in vibrant colours so that you can easily distinguish between your separate grouped items. Zippered pouches, internal and external pockets will be real life (and money) savers in the long run.


The hardest part of having an organised handbag is keeping your handbag organised! It is very easy to get carried away, lost in the moments of everyday life, and to just pop things into your bag thoughtlessly. As long as you remember to give it a sort at the end of day, you’ll be sure to keep everything accessible, in its place, and clutter free!