How to take care of your designer bags this summer

Best practices for your luxury handbags

A handbag is an essential wardrobe component, often acting as a mood enhancer for those perfect summer days. It is an investment that can last for years, but only with the best preservation practices. Below is a list of practices for your luxury handbags that will ensure they remain in top condition.

Regular bag cleaning

The first crucial tip is regular bag cleaning that will help you remove any stains. In case of food stains, crush white chalk and apply it to the stain, letting it sit overnight. Brush it off the following morning with a clean cloth.

You can get rid of odours by storing a bag of baking soda or herbal sachets inside and zipping it up. Leave the sachets in for several days to give you a fresh scent. Bag Spa can also help you get rid of stubborn stains by providing ozonisation services to remove bacteria and fungi.

Protect your leather bag by cleaning it with the proper suede and buffing it with a dry cloth. If you need extensive cleaning, additional bag restoration or metalware polish services, call Bag Spa. Regular maintenance also ensures that your Louis Vuitton bag lasts longer. Keep your bag out of direct sunlight and avoid handling it with dirty hands.

Store it properly 

You should also empty your bag regularly to get rid of dust. Alternatively, store your bag in an upright position, in a cotton pillowcase or a dust bag. You can also stuff your bag with scarves or handbag inserts to preserve its shape.

If your bag needs a zip repair or bag dyeing, which are beyond your skill set, call Bag Spa for professional designer bag restoration. We are bag cleaning experts in London who also provide bag repair services for heavily damaged handbags. Clients outside London can send their bags to our offices where we restore them with our state-of-the-art technology.