How to take care of your luxury leather bag during the winter months


The bitter winter months are upon us. During these months, there’s one very important thing to consider: how to care for your leather handbag. Don’t let the cold, harsh weather ruin your luxury leather bag. Whether it’s Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci or Christian Dior, the snow, rain and cold can harm your designer items.


So, how exactly do you ensure that your prized possessions remain in tip-top condition throughout the colder months?


1. Don’t leave them in the cold

The pinnacle of high-end luxury, your designer leather bag definitely won’t appreciate being left in the car overnight, or in any other place exposed to cold temperatures. Being left out in the harsh weather can cause the pores in the leather to dry out and close up, giving you that unsightly shrivelled look that can all but ruin your beloved bag.


2. Give them the spa treatment

Your leather bag was once the skin of an animal, and still retains the properties and qualities of skin. Much like your own skin, leather can become dried out in winter. How do you keep your leather looking luscious? You give it the same treatment you would your own skin.

Clean and moisturise your leather bag regularly to ensure that the leather doesn’t dry out in the cold weather or from repeated exposure to rain and snow.


3. Bring it to the experts

At BagSpa, we know the best ways to keep your exquisite designer bags looking their best. With a range of services and a wealth of experience in bag cleaning and leather bag repair, we can help to restore your luxury leather bags from damage caused by cold, wet weather.


Proper care should always be taken to ensure your bag is kept looking luscious and full of life, but sometimes damage is unavoidable, especially in winter. We can clean, repair, restore and invigorate your leather bags to keep them looking their best.


Get in touch with a member of the BagSpa team for more information on our cleaning or repair services.