Louis Vuitton bag restoration and care

Louis Vuitton bag repair


You’ve dreamt of owning your new Louis Vuitton handbag for years and now you finally have it. It’s everything you could have hoped for and more! But once you’ve unwrapped your precious cargo, how exactly do you look after it? Never fear, we have got a list of the top things you can do to keep your bag looking as fresh from the day you got it from the store.



Sometimes no matter how much you’ve tried to take care of your bag, life has its little surprises! The leather on your Louis Vuitton bag can be prone to scratches and scuffs that can leave it looking worse for wear and needing some bag restoration. One of the first steps in keeping your bag sparkling clean is to use a simple household item. A cloth! Lightly use it to wipe away any surface debris while the fabric is damp and then blot away any excess with a soft dry towel.



Good quality leather designer handbags needs to be treated with the utmost care. Luxury leathers such as cowhide and calfskin are known for being buttery soft and velvety to the touch. However, this can make them prone to dust, colour transfer and general wear and tear. We recommend storing your bag in its original dust bag away from bright lights or strong smells.


Repair and refresh

Has your favourite piece of arm-candy lost its sparkle? Is the zipper of your Louis Vuitton bag stuck or stiff? You may need a bag zip repair. Have your jeans transferred colour onto your best-loved bag? It’s always important that you regularly send your bag for handbag restoration or handbag repair as what first started as a small issue could rapidly turn into a big one if the necessary precautions are not taken.

Need help getting your bag back to tip-top shape? At Bag Spa we offer a premium luxury bag repair service. We specialise in traditional handbag restoration, dyeing and customisation. No job is too big or too tough for us. Do you live too far away to visit us in-store? Not a problem! Our courier service is available for you to send your goods straight to us.