Making a green choice through designer bag repair


It is estimated that around £140 million worth of clothing and accessories make their way to landfill every year (source:, so keeping hold of the same bag or pair of shoes for longer means you can lessen your contribution to this. Let’s take a look at how you can restore your designer items to their former glory, and why you should.


No matter how well-made they are, our handbags are subjected to heavy loads, dirty floors, spillages and more, and our shoes can quickly look well-worn if we’re covering the miles in them or stepping out in inclement weather. These everyday occurrences take their toll on our beloved designer handbags and shoes, and they can go from looking sparkling new to tired and dog-eared.


We all need to be playing our part on reducing the amount that goes to landfill, and we fully believe that education on prolonging the life of our favourite bags and shoes is the best place to start.


There are lots of hints and tips available on our blog to help you keep your designer bag in great condition for longer, but sometimes elements break or they need a little expert skill to keep them looking like new.


At Bag Spa, we have a range of specialist services, from complete bag restoration and renovation through to protection and ozonisation which removes bacteria and nasty odours. Our experience and technical know-how mean we’re able to breathe new life into your old favourite.


Choose us to repair and clean a former favourite; whether the zip is broken, a stubborn stain has appeared or a strap has broken, we are the experts in luxury bag repair and shoe repairs in London. Live outside of London? No problem, you can send your item to us and we’ll restore the item before sending it back to you in tip-top condition.