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Support your sustainable lifestyle by using a professional shoe restoration service

sustainable lifestyle

Sustainability is clearly a buzzword in today’s society, spanning concepts of environment, and business. We become aware of the benefits coming from conserving rather than being wasteful and repetitively starting over. Look no further than your own feet to realise the practical use of this concept. Shoes are extremely hard to recycle. They are a complex hybrid of different plastics, fibres and other materials. Our company can revamp the entire shoe (or bag, or jacket) for you. Our services range from simple cleaning or strap repair to complete resoling and custom design.

Home shoe repair does not always work
Contrary to some people’s beliefs, adhesive tape and super glue cannot fix everything; surely not shoes. The flexibility required when you wear your trainers and boots makes unskilled improvement attempts short-lived and impractical, leaving you frustrated.
Life is challenging enough without aching feet. We offer a streamlined and simple, yet high-quality process for people who don’t have time to spare. We aim at combining excellent craftsmanship with efficient and consistent customer satisfaction.

Matching the right solution with your needs
Successful repair or restoration project depends on the type and extent of the damage. You don’t always know if it’s worth it to restore your shoes or if you should throw trash them. We can give you an assessment if you send us a few photos. Alternatively, you can post your footwear for a detailed assessment and service recommendation.

Sustainability & war on waste