Taking care of your designer handbag with bag restoration

With Autumn readily approaching it is more important than ever to keep your bag in tip-top condition. After all, our handbags are our dependable companions and emotional reinforcements, even when we feel, and maybe look, far from our best we can depend on our trusty handbags to look the part. We are happy to pay a premium for these designer companions but more often than not we let them fall into disrepair until they become just another ‘old favourite’ at the back of the wardrobe.


However, taking care of leather products is not always as easy as it sounds, and when that product is your most beloved bag, you may fear harming it in your attempts to preserve it. A stained and misshapen bag is never a fashionable one so we’ve compiled a list with some tips and tricks to help you and your bag maintain your look from the get-go.


Store them properly


You might be fooled into thinking that a designer bag is out of reach for your This is simple but also one of the easiest ways to preserve your designer bag. Bags should be stored upright in a dust bag, never piled on top of each other and stuffed with soft fabric to maintain shape. If your bag has a long strap or straps you may also want to consider detaching these and always store them away from direct sunlight.


Don’t test the waters

Water and leather should never mix. Leather is a very permeable material and will absorb any water that it meets so try and keep out of the rain. Never wipe water from your bag, dab it off immediately and then leave it to dry naturally.


Knowledge is power

Know your bag. This may sound obvious, but knowing what sort of leather your bag is made from is invaluable when it comes to investing in a cleaner for it. Never use any old chemical to clean your bag, invest in a high-quality product and regularly condition your bag with a leather conditioner to keep it crack-free.


Put your best foot forward

If your bag doesn’t already, consider investing in some metal feet for it, this will protect the bottom of your bag from scuffs and dirt. As if you didn’t need any more reason to go and buy yourself some more handbags? Rotating your handbags can help reduce general wear and tear.

If however, you cannot fix the damage already done to your bag or it breaks despite your newly adopted care routine, there is still hope left. At Bag Spa London we specialise in handbag restoration and can clean almost all leather items no matter how damaged. What is more, we can also personalise and custom design any item you bring us to make that favourite bag just that bit more special.