The most iconic designer bags

Over the past 100 years, designer bags have come in all kinds of shapes and styles, but only a few can have the illustrious label of being an ‘It’ bag. Luxury brands all over the world have released a number of bags that have stood the test of time and are a staple in high-end wardrobes. If you’re an owner of one of these classic handbags, make sure yours will last for many years to come by investing in designer handbag restoration services.

Louis Vuitton ‘Speedy’

This iconic bag was famously created especially for Hollywood star, Audrey Hepburn. The story is that Hepburn was a fan of Vuitton’s ‘Keepall’ travel bag, but requested that he make something smaller for her to carry day-to-day, and so he granted her wishes and created the ‘Speedy’ bag in 1959. Demand skyrocketed and since then, the bag has been worn by celebrities and women all over the world.

Dior ‘Lady Dior’

In 1995, the First Lady of France, Bernadette Chirac, gave this leather handbag with dangling Dior charms to Princess Diana. The famous bag was designed in a stitched pattern, which was allegedly inspired by the chairs that the House of Dior used in 1947 for their very first fashion show. Princess Diana was photographed with the bag numerous times and it soon caught the public’s attention, prompting the demand for it to go into production. Dior subsequently named the bag in honour of the princess, and it is now affectionately called the ‘Lady Dior’.

Hermès ‘Birkin’

Our list would not be complete without including the legendary Hermès ‘Birkin’ bag. The bag was created in 1981 for the actress, Jane Birkin, who was spotted by Jean-Louis Dumas, the CEO of Hermès, as she struggled with her carry-on bag on an aeroplane. Birkin asked Dumas if he would consider designing a more practical carry-all handbag, and he didn’t disappoint; the Hermès ‘Birkin’ bag was released three years later and continues to be one of the most recognisable bags in the world.

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