Three reasons why designer bag restoration is better than buying a new bag

When something happens to one of your favourite items, whether it’s your much-loved comfy jumper, your go-to morning coffee mug or your most glitzy pair of shoes, it can be heartbreaking to have to throw them out. But when it comes to your beloved designer handbag, the cost is more than just a sentimental one.


Having spent a pretty penny on your dream handbag – one which you probably had your eye on for some time – you expect it to be a lifetime companion. Sadly, that’s not always the case but unlike other items, it doesn’t have to mean your beloved Mulberry or Chanel bag is destined to be shoved to the back of the wardrobe forevermore.


BagSpa can resuscitate your prized possession, giving it a new lease of life,
whether through simple handbag cleaning, bag dyeing or more involved handbag repair work. In fact, it’s almost like getting a brand-new bag.


Here are three reasons why restoring your designer bag is better than replacing it.


1. Your bag was an investment

We all know designer handbags can cost an eye-watering amount of money, but equally, they can be seen as an investment, rather than frivolous spending. Resale value is often an important consideration when purchasing a luxury item, but that means your bag needs some serious TLC. Unlike cheaper products, the idea with a designer handbag is not to replace it every few years. So, while accidents happen, it’s still important to take good care of your bag and keep it in tip-top condition. At BagSpa, we can help maintain the luxurious look and feel of your bag through external and internal cleaning, colour restoration, scratches repair, bag dyeing or even a simple metalware polish. So, before you hit the shops, take a look at how BagSpa can ensure your investment remains intact.


2. Bag restoration will be significantly cheaper

Whether you managed to pick your designer bag up for a bargain price, or whether you really splashed out to treat yourself, it’s more than likely your luxury handbag will have set you back a bit. Of course, it was more than worth it, but if your bag gets damaged, it can be scary to consider the cost of replacing it. Fortunately, through BagSpa there is a considerably cheaper alternative which will have your prized handbag looking, feeling, and smelling as good as new. We offer a whole range of handbag restoration services, including cleaning, starting from as little as £89 – a much more palatable price than that of a new designer bag!


3. Your trusty handbag has become an important companion

Often when purchasing a designer handbag, it becomes the centre-piece of your outfit. You’ll spend most shopping trips making sure the new top or shoes you’ve tried on will go with the bag, because the bag is the most important part. So now, you know your much-loved bag goes with all your outfits, no matter if you’re heading to work or for a night on the town. It’s become an important, trusty companion and the thought of being apart is tough.

At BagSpa, we can get your favourite handbag back to looking its best, but we won’t rush it. We know how important your bag is to you and so our focus is on quality. On average, we’ll have it back to you within four weeks, although we can sometimes offer an express service for cleaning and other less advanced services. In some instances where intricate involved restoration is required, we may take a little longer than four weeks to ensure we get it spot-on. But you can rest assured your trusty companion will be back by your side in the best condition.