Tips for keeping your luxury handbag in a good condition for longer

Taking care of your luxury handbag

You’ll do anything to keep your designer bag looking pristine. If you want your luxury handbag to look amazing forever, follow these five life-changing tips; failing that consult a bag restoration specialist.


1. Use a dust bag

Bag cleaning can be an arduous task, so use the dust bag that your designer bag came with. If you don’t have a dust bag at hand, make friends with a lint roller and use it regularly.


2. Keep your bag clear of cosmetics

Lipsticks and makeup powders are your handbag’s biggest enemy; one accidental bump and the inside of your handbag is ruined, so avoid throwing any cosmetics in your bag where possible. If a stain should occur, don’t attempt to clean it yourself; consult a bag cleaning London specialist who can remove it without damaging the material.


3. Rotate your handbags

If you want to avoid Louis Vuitton bag repair or Gucci bag repair for as long as possible, then keep your designer bags in rotation to avoid wearing out your favourite.


4. Treat the outside of your bag

Before you take your designer bag out, treat the exterior with a specialist product. You can do this yourself, or even take it to a luxury bag repair specialist. They can even help you out with bag dyeing if you want to change your bag’s aesthetic.


5. Store them properly

If places offer a bag storage facility, use them; your bag will only get dirty if it’s left on the ground. You should also avoid hanging your designer bag on hooks for extended periods as this can stretch out the handle for which the only solution is bag repair.


Despite your best efforts at keeping your bag in good condition, handbag restoration might be the only option. Designer bag restoration is a revolutionary process that can even help with leather bag repair and bag zip repair. If your bag is looking dirty or a little damaged, send it to a designer bag repair specialist who can make it look as good as new.