Tips for taking care of your designer bags

If you have a designer handbag, it’s likely you’ll want to preserve it in the state of perfection for as long as possible. After all, if it cost a lot, you want it to be worth the money! Here we round up all the best tips and advice for looking after your designer handbag, and what to do should it tragically fall into a state of damage.


Research your leather

One of the most common assumptions is that all designer leather handbags are made from the same material. This is wrong. Typically, the most common leathers that high-end designers use range from patch leather and faux leather, to lambskin leather and cowhide leather. Researching the type of leather your bag is made from enables you to understand how it can be maintained and kept pristine.


Keep it dry

Another assumption is that, because a bag costs a lot, it must automatically be weather-resistant. Wrong. High-quality and designer handbags often cost their price because they are made from the most delicate materials, meaning that rain and harsh sunlight can affect their product lifespan. If the weather is harsh, in terms of either temperature or rainfall, then take extra measures to protect your bag.


Storage is key

Most designer bags come with a dust pouch for a reason. When your bag isn’t in use, take advantage of the dust bag by using it to store your bag safely. Doing this will minimise oxidation, which is one of the leading causes of natural decay in the quality of an item. Additionally, leather designer bags should be stored upright in order to prevent creases that damage their integrity and appearance.


Some other quick storage tips:

– If your bag has a chain handle, store this inside the bag. Doing so will ensure the exterior isn’t scratched.
– A natural fibre pillowcase is the best alternative to a dust bag if you lost or threw away the original.
– If your bag has a firm shape, try stuffing the inside with tissues when not in use. This will help the structure retain its rigidity.
– Keep your designer bag away from sunlight or any moist environment.


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